La Cenerentola is based largely on the famous story of Cinderella, above all the version by Charles Perrault. It offers a successful balance of irony, comedy, lyricism, melancholy and fairy tale undertones and appeals equally to adults and young visitors to the opera. For many people, although La Cenerentola was written in very little time, it is the most poetic of all comic Rossini operas. In fact, at the very least in the extremely subtle musical portrayal of the characters, this opera has a singular place amongst the buffo oeuvre. Sven-Eric Bechtolf, director of the current production, has transferred the action to 1950s Italy, or more precisely to a tiny fictitious nation on the Mediterranean called San Sogno, ruled by the slightly eccentric young prince Don Ramiro, who collects expensive cars.

25 Mar


Vienna State Opera
25 March 2020
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